Three 9 Year Old Students Attempted To Murder Their Teacher With Hand Soap

We all have had teachers which we wanted to "kill", either for being mean or just plain rude. However, some children have taken this expression to a whole other level, by actually attempting to assassinate their teacher.

BaoPhuyen BaoPhuyen

Three 9 year old American children had the crazy idea to get rid of their school teacher, for the sake of being mean. You would think these cute little girls were joking, well think again. Not only did they want to take their teachers life, the method of execution was planned out to be a horrifying death. The Children intended to assault their teacher on his main kryptonite, which is soap. The teacher is allergic to soap as he becomes very sick after touching the cleaning product.

The Master Plan

Their aim was to rub soap everywhere and on everything, so the moment the teacher would touch anything he would have an allergic attacks on the spot. Could you ever imagine soap could be used as a murder weapon?

Fortunately, one of the mothers found out about the terrifying plan and contacted the school immediately. Ironically the two other mothers were aware of the murder attempt, but kept quiet all this time.

The Police of New York was informed by the school, as the case is still running up until the day of today. The news have reported zero injuries during the investigation, however the attempted murder case is still under investigation.

It is very scary how much hatred these children can have at such a young age, we really have to pay attention to societies movements and behaviors before something bad will happen!


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