This Criminal Stole A Diamond Worth More Than $160.000, You Wont Believe What He Did After That..

Earl Morrison, from phoenix, did not make the smartest decision. He had stolen a diamond worth over $160.000 from a package that he was delivering while working for UPS.

You would think that this criminal would go on a shopping spree, but it turned out to be the opposite! The dumb thief took the diamond and he actually traded the fortune for merely 8000 times less….

A 20 dollar bag of Marihuana!

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When he was delivering the package he expected to find cash, but he found the expensive jewel. Without thinking twice or finding the right person to trade with, Morisson decided to sell the diamond for a little bit of pot before getting caught by the police.

I hope it was worth it Earl.

What would you have done in his position?


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