The 7 Epic Regrets Of Harry Potter, We All Thought The Same Of #3

I think we all have the same thoughts on Harry, he did some stuff we all should regret if we would be in his position. We explain his 7 regrets.

1.  He could have been a great wizard

Tumblr Tumblr

2. My son is fat

gr-assets gr-assets

3. Should have made love to Hermione when he had the chance

heyuguys heyuguys

4. A ferret. He choose a ferret

Coolspotters Coolspotters

5. Internally Divorcing

chicagonow chicagonow

6. He hated Ginny so much but the pussy game..

wikia.nocookie wikia.nocookie

7. Should have named a head master for epilogue-era Hogwarts

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