The 5 Strangest Ways People Have Died In History

There is a time for every human being to say goodbye in life, however do you think you will end up like these guys?


1.) Horse Rapes Man

pmcvariety pmcvariety

Kenneth Pignion, an engineer from Washington decided to go have sex with a horse in a nearby farm in King County with his two friends. And also filmed this strange happening. He was taken to the hospital moments after their act in pain with a ruptured tail bone due to the intense anal intercourse with the horse. He later died in shame due to his painful injuries!

2.) Killed By The Birthday Cake

eastpdxnews eastpdxnews

99 year old Debbie Mills was walking to her 100st birthday party with her daughter, while crossing the street in her wheelchair she was hit and killed by a truck that was delivering her birthday cake for her party.

Happy Birthday Debbie!

3.) Video Game Addict

sgshost sgshost

Lee Sueng Siap, a video game addict quit his job in an effort to devote more time playing video games in august of 2005 Siap began a local gaming marathon at a local South Korean Coffee Shop. Playing for more than 50 hours straight and only stopping for little naps or bathroom breaks, he collapsed from dehydration and heart failure.

Game Over!

4.) Drowned In Poop

simplest-image-hosting simplest-image-hosting

Glen Knowles and his sons went out to get some fertilizer for this farm. When trying to suck some liquids from the Marylyn dairy farm, one of them fell in. the other two were then said that they were trying to help but also fell in, drowning in poop.

Honestly, What a shitty way to die!!

5.) Die With An Erection

mbl mbl

Sergei Tuganov was bet 3000 dollars by 2 girls he couldn’t go at it all day with them in bed. To prove them wrong Tuganov swallowed down an entire bottle of Viagra. 12 hours later he won the bet, but he then shortly after died of a heart attack.

At least he died like a man, Go Sergei!


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