This Girl Was Bullied Brutally. But Instead Of Taking Revenge, She Did This. Incredible...

Caitlin Prater-Haace from Canada, remember this girl. Not often we get to see a young lady who knows how to stand up for herself like Caitlin. Caitlin was brutally bullied in school, but she never got mad. She did not feel the need to take revenge. Caitlin decided to give this awful situation a positive twist. After a fellow student broke into her locker, stole her Ipad and posted mean messages on her Facebook page, Caitlin could not stand it anymore. She bought a bunch of post-it notes and started to spread positive messages in her school. Every note she wrote was nothing but motivation.

It was Caitlin's goal to spread joy and kindness and well, she did.


What a brave action of this young girl. It is truly fascinating to see how some people can just forgive the ones who give them pain and try to solve problems with love.

Watch below how Caitlin fought hate with love:


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