Jimmy Fallon Had The Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

We all know the Famous Nicole Kidman, as she was invited to join Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Instead of hosting the usual show, this show ended up quite embarrassing for Jimmy himself. Nicole Kidman was invited to the show for them to discuss her upcoming Paddington Live-Action Movie, however shortly after she revealed a little secret which made Jimmy suffer.

jimm 1

Jimmy was reminded of their first meeting, exactly eight years ago. Nicole was a single young lady at that time, as she invited herself to single-Jimmy's house through their mutual friend. However, Jimmy did not realize that she was interested in him and he opened the door in a sweat suit and a baseball cap. Afterwards, instead of being a gentleman, Jimmy started playing video games and refused to talk. Nicoles first impression was set, as Jimmy blew his chance at dating the beautiful lady.

After confessing this story during the show Jimmy's reaction was priceless, as it felt like his world just fell apart. See it for yourself, you actually feel sorry for the man!

Let us know how you would feel if you had missed your chance dating a lady like Nicole?


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