Anderson Cooper now owns a pack of bullet-proof dogs!

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Anderson Cooper just proves himself to be better than any mortal beings. After the news broke last week about the police dog shot and killed, he donated an undisclosed sum to the Norfolk, Virginia PD to provide bulletproof vests to all of the department's K-9 Unit.

Many people are sad knowing that police officers get to wear bulletproof vests but their dog companions, who often have to go through the same if not more dangerous situation, like chasing bad guys, sniffing bombs, etc, don't get to wear one.

The silver fox's generous donation was made through charity Spike’s K-9 Fund, founded by a former Navy Seal in memory of a K-9 of the same name who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq.

Jimmy Hatch, founder of Spike K-9 fund, praised Cooper for being a good and genuine man, not keen on publicizing the donation, but Hatch said he was going to do it anyway. Sources said the donation was enough to buy 18 K-9 vests, costs around $2,200 each, and even still left some more money to buy vests for dogs in the neighboring towns.

Hats off!


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