A 5 Year Old Child Is Fined For Missing His Classmate's Birthday

Birthday parties, a perfect time to celebrate and get together with all your friends and families. It's always hurtful if someone is not able to attend your birthday even though they said they would attend. Reactions sparkle into different ways the moment someone cancels on you last moment, however have you ever heard of fining someone for the sake of not showing up?

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In the UK a family had to go through an unusual process after their 5 year old son came home with a fine received from his class mate. The statement behind the fine was purely for missing his classmate's birthday party... have you ever heard of punishing someone for such a ridiculous reason? The family off the classmate took this case to whole other level, after suing the family for a mere £15.95 ($24.14).

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The family Cornwall were utterly disgusted by this scenario, as their son arrived home with an envelope stuffed into his schoolbag. The crazy mother had issued an official invoice, describing the punishment for not attending the party.

Mrs. Cornwall mentioned; "It was an invoice for a 'child no-show' fee for the party... and it was a proper invoice with full official details, even her bank details, and e-mail address, and name."

After complaining to the school the mother decided to take justice into her own hands, as she visited the classmate's mother at her home, stating that she discovered that her son received an invoice and she "wasn't all to happy about that."

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According to the ABC News the Mrs. Cornwall said that "This is the first time I have ever heard of someone invoicing their guests for not showing up. It’s just bad etiquette,"

The reason why The Cornwall family were not able to notify their sons cancellation, is because they were not able to find the original invitation. However, is it really necessary to fine someone for this ridiculous reason?


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