9 Best Friendship Quotes to Keep in Heart

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We may have experienced different kinds of friendships, and we may have so many that we just forget some of them. Yet, those may be the best you have in your life.

Here, I have collected a bunch of friendship quotes that may just help you to recall how wonderful the moments were when you were with your best friends, and you may notice you cannot have gone through that much without them.

Happiness... consists in giving, and in serving others. Credit: Henry Drummond the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, Simply by doing them with the right people. Credit: Nicholas Sparks There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend. Credit: Katharine Butler Hathaway Happiness and virtue rest upon each other; the best are not only the happiest, but the happiest are usually the best. Credit: Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Do good to your friends to keep them, to your enemies to win them. Credit: Benjamin Franklin Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company. Credit: Washington The making of friends who are real friends, is the best token we have of a man's success in life. Credit: Edward Everett Hale may be the balm that id intended to heal thode who are wounded Credit: Com Don't feel bad if people remember you only when they need you Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is darkness

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