10 Motivational Workplace Items to Brighten Your Day at the Office

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It’s nearly impossible to feel motivated at work all the time. Sitting down at your desk after lunch can seem like one of the most challenging parts of the day. You’ve worked hard all morning, your belly is full, and now you’re tired. Maybe you feel the pressure of a deadline looming over you, and instead of knocking out the work, you can’t bring yourself to start it.

Motivational challenges become even greater when you don’t particularly enjoy your job, or when you’re tasked to do something you dislike. You can be the most energetic person in the world, but when faced with work that makes you unhappy, your energy level will plummet.

Changing your environment can increase your energy

If you’re the person dragging yourself from project to project without any enthusiasm, it may be worthwhile to look at your environment. Is your work-space dirty or disorganized? An office space that looks bad, smells bad, or makes you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome could be contributing to your lack of energy.

Our environment can serve as a reflection on us, but it can also influence our mindset. Research has shown that creating a positive and motivating work station can contribute to our success, while working in cluttered and unwelcoming environments can keep us down. UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families did a study that proved that clutter affected stress levels, mood, and self esteem. [1]

Artwork can also impact your effectiveness. Surrounding yourself with creative works inspires more creativity. Warm scenes can be comforting to you. A survey suggested that 83% of employees found that artwork was an important part of the work environment.[2]

Keeping objects that inspire comfort and happiness improve your motivation and productivity.[3] The average workday takes up at least 1/3 of your time. It makes sense that making your workstation inviting and filling it with messages of encouragement will improve your mood and your work.

10 Items to bolster your motivation at work

Here at Lifehack, we’ve tracked down ten items that would make great additions to your office. These practical goodies harness the power of language to brighten your environment, inspire you, or make you laugh. Happy, motivated, and passionate workers are more productive, and they have more fun too.

1. Inspirational Pen Set

You can never have too many pens, but these inspirational pens by Sweet Water Decor add a splash of color and positivity to your day. You won’t have to look far to get motivated.

Inspirational pens by Sweet Water Decor $18.00

2. Ban.do design Compliment Postcard Book

Frame these compliment postcards to display around your work space, or use them to send positive vibes to your coworkers.

Compliment Postcard book by Ban.do Design $10.00

3. 30 Day Challenge Notepad

Sometimes we just need a little reminder to savor the good things and live life to the fullest. Remind yourself by taking the 30-day challenge. Each sheet contains a simple phrase that you can use to set the right tone for your day.

30-Day Challenge Notepad by Urban Outfitters $12.00

4. New Look Dream Big Pin Board with Cloud Pegs

This pin board is fun and functional. Use it as a vision board, or tack up photos and quotes that make you happy.

New Look Dream Big Pin Board with Cloud Pegs by ASOS $21.00

5. The Monster Mug of Motivation

Add some quirky and cute monsters to your coffee break. With monsters encouraging you with sayings like, “Keep doing the thing,” it’ll be hard not to smile and keep moving forward.

The Monster Mug of Motivation by Katie Abey Design $13.85

6. You Got This Motivation Book

Take a look at this book when you need a confidence boost, or select a favorite quote to motivate you throughout your day.

You Got This Motivation Book by ASOS $11.50

7. Knock Knock Today’s Plan of Attack Great Big Stickies

Add a little humor to the task of prioritizing your work. These giant sticky notes can help you stay focused during those busy times.

Today’s Plan of Attack Big Stickies by Knock Knock $5.92

8. Conquer Your Year: The Ultimate Planner

Break down your big goals into actionable steps and keep track of everything you need to do with this planner. There’s plenty of room to think and reflect in these pages.

Conquer your year: The Ultimate Planner by Natalie MacNeil $8.98

9. Paper Lovers Book: Inspiration

Make office art from your favorite quotes and patterns, create greeting cards, and make fun paper gifts to brighten your coworker’s day. Easily switch out your crafts so that you always have something fresh and new to decorate your office.

Paper Lover’s Book: Inspiration by Kikki.K $29.95

10. Andaz Press Motivational Framed Desk Art, Do Epic Shit

For a quick pick-me-up, this framed desk art bears a simple reminder about the type of work you should be doing. Next time you hit that 2:00 PM slump, look at your desk art, and make epic things happen.

“Do Epic Shit.” Motivational Desk Art by Andaz Press $12.99

Featured photo credit: Kaboompics via kaboompics.com


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